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Welcome to the Official PWND Wiki
Welcome to the Official PWND Wiki
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PWND is a game that was developed and published by Skydance Interactive.

Death is temporary... humiliation is forever!

Experience unparalleled three-dimensional rocket jumping action and a revolutionary scoring system in PWND! Prove your worth against other skilled players in this high-flying, pulse pounding rocket arena shooter. Every PWND match is a no-holds-barred reminder that death is temporary but humiliation is forever!

In PWND, simply killing isn’t enough. You can only score by closing distance and performing a victory dance on your downed opponent. But be careful! You’re completely vulnerable during a PWN, so make sure your team has your back or you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a PWN stack. What’s a PWN stack? Get killed while PWNing enough times, and you open a massive, growing scoring opportunity for the other team!

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We are currently maintaining 295 pages (34 articles)!
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